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Major objectives of the workshop

For more than 20 years, the "International Conference on Transcription by RNA polymerases I, III, IV, and V” (OddPols meeting) attracts scientists from all around the world interested in the study of nuclear expression of RNAs not mediated by RNA polymerase II. From its origin and through successive editions, this meeting has evolved from its main focus on RNA polymerase III to include RNA polymerase I, and later plant RNA polymerases IV and V.

The workshop is now addressing broad questions on transcriptional mechanisms and chromatin structure related to transcription by RNA polymerases I, III, IV, and V (OddPols). The conference has always been interdisciplinary bringing together scientists working on disparate gene expression systems and in different research areas. The workshop is timely because the roles of RNA polymerases I, III, IV, and V in different diseases (i.e. ribosomopathies, cancer, neurological disorders) are increasingly recognized. Therefore, the workshop continues to attract fundamental researchers, but increasingly also attracts scientists interested in disease mechanisms.


RNA polymerases I, III, IV and V / Transcription complexes  / Disease and development / Transcriptional regulation / RNA processing / Gene silencing / Nuclear organization / Ribosomopathies / Rare genetic diseases


The meeting will be organized over 3 and a half days, split into 9 sessions of 5-6 presentations each. A total of 50 - 60 talks will be scheduled to cover various aspects. Each session will start with presentations by 2- 3 PIs followed by speakers selected from abstracts. We aim to give all speakers the same time for their presentation (15min+5 min) and aim to have a 1:1 ratio between PIs and students/postdocs.


The following sessions will be included in the schedule:


Structure and Function of RNA polymerases

Genome organisation and nuclear structure

Transcriptional-coupled RNA processing

Activators and Repressors of RNA polymerases

Disease and development

Nuclear organisation

Physiology and Metabolism

New frontiers in OddPols Research

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